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Gregory Zhdanov
Gregory Zhdanov

Before Pintus

Results: 14.8% from the whole cohort (n = 271) were vitamin D deficient and 31% were insufficient. Among the children included in the final analysis (n = 73), the mean age and plasma 25(OH)D concentration (SD) were 7.7 years (4.4) and 32.2 nmol/l (8.2) respectively. The mean 25(OH)D concentration post-treatment was 65.3 nmol/l (9.3). The mean HbA1c (SD) before and after cholecalciferol was 73.5 mmol/mol (14.9) and 65 mmol/mol (11.2) respectively (p

Before Pintus

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During the season, the 'Pintus method' marked an evolutionary line. It started off strong (no games lost from October 31 to January 1), then faltered in the middle (between January and February) before rebounding in the final stretch, as seen in recent weeks.

And that's exactly what happened to me, right? So fast forward a bunch of years, like forth four or five years, boom, I'm out the door. They referred me to get my box, all my stuff's in it. I'm out the door. Oh, man. and this is just before the 2008 crash. to top it off, right. At that point, I went through my 10 dark years and by that means that I just started drifting from job to job trying to find anyone that would pay me To do anything, really. In technology, of course, and I had no goals, I had no idea why I was just sending out resumes blindly to anybody, like if you're looking for a CFO or CEO, I'm sending my resume in the hopes that maybe they're hiring a CIO. I mean, stupid. though, the thinking was, I have to hurry up or find a job, I have to hurry up and find a job because I let this group of people define who I was. Right. I was not living my own life on my terms. I was letting someone else tell me what my life's all about.

Those probably one of the first things that I did really was re studying him and going deep before discovering real estate again, or rediscovering it because I had stopped doing real estate for a while. after I got can to the last time but the last job and I'm like okay, what am I gonna do now? And that's when I discovered real estate and then once I learned about syndication from a real estate attorney friend of mine, that's when I when I decided to make real estate my thing so at that point, by time I refocus my whole life to real estate I'd already discovered tihar, Becker discovered self development. I started reading the book a week before I started on that path. Then once I understood deal syndication, and how I can build passive income by working on, I shouldn't say passive but working on deals because that's very active.

How can we? Yeah, I'll tell you how I do it. Anyway, I planned all my books that I was going to listen to in January, actually, even before that December last week of December. I planned out the entire year of books. Right now remember, I'm reading books that have already stood the test of time or they've been around for a little while. it's not just garbage. There's over 130,000 published books more than that, I'm sure. a lot of them are trash.

I was doing improv comedy, that kind of thing. He mentioned Oh, my daughter does improv comedy. I'm like, okay I made a mental note. We finished it for a better drink. I go back to the office. I immediately get on Amazon, order a book, right about to an improv, and send it to them. Hmm, it's a $20 book, a $20 book. This guy calls me up and is thankful nobody's ever done this before. This is amazing.

And it's like I said before, it's like everybody wants out with a special special potion is so what is that thing? You know? For me, I mean, I wish I could say that happened overnight, but it wasn't it took years but once I decided what was going to happen, and then I document it in my in my affirmations I write I still to this very day, write up my affirmations every day how my life is gonna look at journal every day I write I write, I reflect on what happened yesterday and what I could have done better. I mean, these are all things that I do and that has enriched my life so much.

Treat does not have the same stature as Dillow and Pintus, but her book is perhaps more revealing about the audience for Christian sex advice. "Too often," she writes casually, "couples complete the sex act, and the husband goes to sleep while the wife rolls over and cries for hours." This heartbreaking picture is only compounded by the recognition that while Treat thinks she is offering a solution, she is probably part of the problem. One reason wives can't enjoy sex, Treat says, is that they had too much of it before they got married. "I've not met one woman who had sex before marriage who was not ashamed of it," Treat writes. Not coincidentally, here's how Treat handles the topic in her own family: "I explain to my children that sex before marriage will eat you up inside, because God has written in your heart the right thing to do. If you go against His plan, it just hurts you. It is painful and ugly. I have always taught my children to feel badly when they do anything against the Word." So the crying jags are God's punishment for sin. Or maybe too many women had mothers like Wendy Treat.

One day of December, a little bit before Christmas, he stopped a found- raiser, Giannina, also from Sardinia. He asked her many questions and was then brought to the center. He listened to the Divine Principle explanation and shared openly about his questions and his life, as naturally as one would do with old friends. He was not satisfied with just the Introduction and asked to know more, joining very quickly, as soon as he heard the Principle.

Moonisa Ahsan, Fabio Marton, Ruggero Pintus, and Enrico Gobbetti. Audio-visual Annotation Graphs for Guiding Lens-based Scene Exploration. Computers & Graphics, 105: 131-145, 2022. DOI: 10.1016/j.cag.2022.05.003.Related multimedia productionsMoonisa Ahsan, Fabio Bettio, Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Marton, Ruggero Pintus, and Antonio ZorcoloEVOCATION: Reconstruction and exploration with an interactive lens of an annotated Nora StoneCRS4 Video n. 183 - Date: July, 2022Bibtex citation record@ArticleAhsan:2022:AAG, author = Moonisa Ahsan and Fabio Marton and Ruggero Pintus and Enrico Gobbetti, title = Audio-visual Annotation Graphs for Guiding Lens-based Scene Exploration, journal = Computers \& Graphics, volume = 105, pages = 131--145, year = 2022, abstract = We introduce a novel approach for guiding users in the exploration of annotated 2D models using interactive visualization lenses. Information on the interesting areas of the model is encoded in an annotation graph generated at authoring time. Each graph node contains an annotation, in the form of a visual and audio markup of the area of interest, as well as the optimal lens parameters that should be used to explore the annotated area and a scalar representing the annotation importance. Directed graph edges are used, instead, to represent preferred ordering relations in the presentation of annotations, by having each node point to the set of nodes that should be seen before presenting its associated annotation. A scalar associated to each edge determines the strength of this constraint. At run-time, users explore the scene with the lens, and the graph is exploited to select the annotations that have to be presented at a given time. The selection is based on the current view and lens parameters, the graph content and structure, and the navigation history. The best annotation under the lens is presented by playing the associated audio clip and showing the visual markup in overlay. When the user releases control, requests guidance, opts for automatic touring, or when no available annotations are under the lens, the system guides the user towards the next best annotation using glyphs, and potentially moves the lens towards it if the user remains inactive. This approach supports the seamless blending of an automatic tour of the data with interactive lens-based exploration. The approach is tested and discussed in the context of the exploration of multi-layer relightable models. , doi = 10.1016/j.cag.2022.05.003, url = -bin/bib-page.cgi?id='Ahsan:2022:AAG',

Links between the two towns were already strong by this time. Ham Green pottery, manufactured on the banks of the Avon near Pill, was popular in Viking Dublin, and the vigorous trade in slaves conducted between Dublin and Bristol in the eleventh century inspired bitter criticism from churchmen before William the Conqueror and his successors brought this vile commerce to an end. After 1171, many important trading families from Bristol established branches across the Irish Sea, while stone quarried at Dundry, to the south of the city, was transported in large quantities to Ireland for use in the new churches and monasteries that the English began to build.

Mae Galinsky, born circa 1902 in Lithuania, discusses her immigration to the United States from Lithuania in the mid-1920s; her brothers and mother who had arrived in the US before her; getting married to Julius Kawarsky, who was also from Lithuania and ran a grocery store in Des Moines, Iowa; her husband's death at an early age; getting married to Mr. Galinsky; observing Passover, holidays, and shabbat with her family; and her life in the US and in her Jewish community. 041b061a72




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