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Jeremiah Rogers
Jeremiah Rogers

Elf Sex Farm Crack Status PORTABLE

Elminster's great love and fellow Chosen, Alassra Silverhand, was left in a much worse state following the Spellplague. She absorbed the magical energies released during the cataclysmic event and was afflicted with never-ending madness. On one occasion she unwittingly attacked Elminster at Silverhand farm, and he was forced to defend himself in a devastating spell battle.[note 6] The powers she held within were released and absorbed by El, and he became a threat to all the Dales. He absorbed the power from the surrounding landscape, creating pockets of plaguelands and conjuring earthmotes. The Old Mage was eventually subdued by a band of adventurers,[297] and left to languish at the old farm.[163]

Elf Sex Farm Crack Status

  • In General Achievements in Ignorance: They somehow unknowingly saved the world offscreen while on a mad dash to make money.

  • Chapter 44 revealed that through their simple, lust-filled interest in seeing what sex with other species is like, and letting other people who might be interested know about it as well, they have obliviously ended up massively improving cross-species relationships, since the Brutal Honesty of their reviews and dedication to understanding each species to get the most enjoyment out of sex has been gradually clearing away the various misconceptions each species have about each other. It's to the point that the actual church has officially sanctioned their efforts as approved by God, banning Yuti the heroine from interfering, whose attempts to do so started and ended also without any of the group being aware happened because of them.

  • All Men Are Perverts: Goes without saying in a series like this where being lustful is pretty much the entire point of the job. Not everyone is on the same level as Stunk and Zel, but they all show perverted tendencies at some point or another.

  • Brutal Honesty: None of them are afraid of voicing their full opinions on the places they review and will hand out ones and zeroes just as easily as nines and tens. While most places get at least one high score from someone on the team, there have been a few times the crew has handed out low marks across the board.

  • Chivalrous Pervert: While none of the others can compare to Crim in this regard, every member of the Interspecies Reviewers, no matter what their race, despite being sex-obsessed horndogs, are genuinely good people. None of them ever mistreat their partners, even if on very rare occasions their partners might mistreat them, they always make sure their succu-girl partners are also enjoying the experience, and even outside of the succu-girl scene, many of them are upstanding members of society who help out others whenever the situation arises, even if they mainly do it for the cash involved.

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: All the frequently appearing Reviewers (except maybe Crim) are skilled adventurers in their own right. Each time Stunk and Zel are shown fighting something, they do so near-effortlessly, and when Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal blow a ton of money through alcohol-and-sex-induced idiocy, they go on a questing spree that results in them obliviously saving the world in their efforts to earn back that money. Presumably, Crim has a few special powers of his own but with his halo cracked he can't use them.

  • Everyone Has Standards: Zel and Stunk are near-slaves to their lust, but they did tear Crim and Kanchal away from The Dairy Farm because they were paid to review a cyclops place. It was one thing to abandon Demon Two's request, but they won't carelessly fail a job. They also tell Kanchal to cut it out when he starts yelling at Togue too much for being a terrible actress, pointing out how few succu-girls are good at acting in the first place.

  • They absolutely refuse to have sex with a skanky fairy, at least not on New Year's, though Stunk notes it would be fine once in a while.

  • The guys are fully up for having sex with girls of any shape or size from every race, no matter how they look. However, when they see that the Beast Road offers the option of genuine bestiality, all of them end up running off before the receptionist can even recommend anything, with almost all of their reviews having warnings towards potential customers about it.

  • Experienced Protagonist: All of them, save for Crim, are pretty seasoned adventurers and brothel visitors by the time the story begins.

  • Has a Type: Thoroughly discussed, as each of the Reviewers have different tastes on sexual partners. This is already shown in the very first chapter/episode, where Stunk prefers elf girls for their beautiful looks even if they are a couple hundred years old, while Zel prefers adult humans for their stronger mana.

  • Levit Thealigra Unstoppable love machine.Voiced by: Ryota OhsakaA wannabe member for the Interspecies Reviewers, he's a high level incubus capable of satisfying any woman, up to and including the entire lilim horde, without wearing himself out. Meidri eventually got tired of him ordering nothing but a single raw egg, then spending the rest of his time flirting with her. Keeping with his species' nature, he gives a 10 to all the succu-girls basically because they are female; as such the Reviewers opt not to use his entire set of ratings due to them being useless. The Ace: As an incubus, but especially as an incubus lord, he has the ability to basically sleep with or please any woman he wishes. It's deconstructed, however, in that it's because of this that he makes a terrible reviewer, since while he's able to sleep with anybody and turn every visit into a 10/10, his reviews don't account for the fact that other species are physically incapable of doing what he can, such as shrinking his penis to sleep with fairies or bearing through being on fire to sleep with salamanders, so his reviews are basically useless to everyone else.

  • Adaptational Early Appearance: While in the manga, he only shows up in and sticks around for Chapter 23, the anime shows the exact moment he came into Ye Pubbe and started flirting with Meidri following the events from Chapter 21.

  • Bishie Sparkle: The anime plays up his sparkles even more when he turns his charm offensive on Meidri.

  • Bizarre Alien Biology: His status as a full-blooded incubus gives him some interesting biological quirks: He has two hearts, a regular-sized one in the usual place and a large-sized one near his crotch, the main point of which is to circulate fresh blood to his penis in order to maintain his erection for as long as it takes to satisfy his partners. Him being stabbed in the normal heart doesn't end up fatal because of this, since he still has his crotch-heart working normally, giving him time to see a healer before the wound can kill him. That said, if he was stabbed in his crotch-heart instead he would've died within seconds.

  • He also has the ability to manipulate the size of his penis, able to make it bigger or smaller in order to accomodate women of different sizes than him, something Crim expressed jealousy towards since his own massive member got him scammed by the fairy brothel because he wouldn't fit into any of the girls there.

  • Extreme Libido: He takes this further than any other character in the series, being capable of having his way with the entire lilim horde without any problems, with him still able to go for more afterwards.

  • Handsome Lech: He's an incredibly attractive guy, and likes putting on airs about him being a gentleman lover of all women, which he puts into practice by having sex with as many of them as possible. But the fact he's cheating on his actual lover in the process implies he's not that good a person. Though since he's an incubus, a demon of love and lust, it's possible that he genuinely can't comprehend why sleeping with numerous women when he already has a girfriend is wrong, with his persona as a Chivalrous Pervert being legitimate in relation to other incubi.

  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Having incredibly good looks. Check. Wears his hair long. Check.

  • Man on Fire: Episode 11 shows that he gets set alight from getting close to Tiaplate from the heat, but he perseveres just to embrace her.

  • Spell My Name with an S: Depending how you romanize his name, it can also be spelt as "Rebito/Levito Shiarigura".

  • Succubi and Incubi: He's an incubus, a male sex demon with great skill at pleasuring women. Specifically, as guessed by Zel, he's an incubus lord, the highest level of incubus, which makes him capable of single-handedly pleasing hundreds of women in a single day without breaking a sweat.





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