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Lazy Nezumi Pro 15 39

Lazy Nezumi Pro 15 39: The Ultimate Tool for Smooth and Precise Drawing

If you are a digital artist, you know how frustrating it can be to draw smooth and accurate lines with a mouse or a tablet. Whether you are sketching, inking, coloring, or painting, you want your strokes to look natural and professional. That's why you need Lazy Nezumi Pro, a Windows app that helps you draw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet.

Lazy Nezumi Pro is not just a simple line smoothing tool. It also adds stabilizers, rulers, and scripting to many of your favorite art programs, including Photoshop and Clip Studio. With these features, you can take control of your lines and create stunning artworks in any style and genre.


What's New in Lazy Nezumi Pro 15 39?

The latest version of Lazy Nezumi Pro, released on September 1, 2023, brings some exciting improvements and bug fixes to the app. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New scripting engine: The scripting feature allows you to alter the shape of your lines while you draw (including pressure and rotation parameters), in almost any way imaginable. You can choose one of the many preloaded scripts, or write your own custom programs using a simple scripting language. The new scripting engine is faster, more powerful, and more compatible with different art programs.

  • New rulers: Lazy Nezumi Pro offers a set of pressure sensitive rulers that will help you with technical drawing. With these rulers, you can have your lines automatically snap to ellipses, radial lines, bezier curves, or even linear, isometric, and fisheye perspective systems. The new version adds two new rulers: the Spiral ruler and the Lissajous Curve ruler. The Spiral ruler lets you draw perfect spirals with ease, while the Lissajous Curve ruler lets you draw complex harmonic curves.

  • New presets: Lazy Nezumi Pro comes with a large collection of presets that you can use to quickly adjust the settings for different drawing tasks. The new version adds more presets for various styles and effects, such as sketching, calligraphy, manga, watercolor, and more.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: Lazy Nezumi Pro 15 39 also fixes some minor bugs and enhances the performance and stability of the app. Some of the fixes include better compatibility with Windows 11, improved pressure curve editing, and smoother line rendering.

How to Get Lazy Nezumi Pro 15 39?

If you are already a Lazy Nezumi Pro user, you can download the latest version from the official website or use the built-in updater. If you are new to Lazy Nezumi Pro, you can try it for free for 30 days. After that, you can purchase a license for $35 USD, which includes lifetime updates and support.

Lazy Nezumi Pro is a must-have tool for any digital artist who wants to improve their drawing skills and workflow. With Lazy Nezumi Pro 15 39, you can unleash your creativity and draw like a pro!




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