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Ram Shastra 2 In Hindi 720p

Ram Shastra 2 In Hindi 720p

Ram Shastra 2 is a sequel to the 1995 action film Ram Shastra, starring Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala, Aditya Pancholi and Deepti Bhatnagar. The film is directed by Sanjay Gupta and produced by Firoz Nadiadwala. The film's theme is inspired by the 1990 American film Hard To Kill and had earlier been remade in 1994 as Cheetah.


The plot of Ram Shastra 2 revolves around Ram Sinha (Jackie Shroff), a former police inspector who has retired from the force after losing his wife Anjali (Manisha Koirala) and his son in a bomb blast orchestrated by Dhonga (Anupam Kher), a notorious criminal. Ram lives a secluded life in a remote village, where he runs a martial arts school for the local children. One day, he receives a visit from his old friend and colleague Kavi (Aditya Pancholi), who informs him that Dhonga has escaped from prison and is planning to take revenge on Ram and his family. Kavi urges Ram to join him in stopping Dhonga and his gang, who are also involved in a conspiracy to steal the Brahmastra, a powerful ancient weapon that can destroy the world.

Ram agrees to help Kavi and they embark on a dangerous mission to stop Dhonga and his allies, who include Satpal (Mukesh Rishi), Dhonga's brother, Srivastav (Alok Nath), Dhonga's lawyer, and Raja (Johnny Lever), Dhonga's henchman. Along the way, they also encounter Nitu (Deepti Bhatnagar), a journalist who is investigating the Brahmastra case, and who turns out to be Ram's long-lost daughter. Ram and Kavi face many obstacles and challenges as they try to save the world from Dhonga's evil plans.

Ram Shastra 2 is an action-packed thriller that promises to entertain the audience with its high-octane stunts, catchy songs, and gripping storyline. The film is expected to release in 2023 in Hindi with a 720p resolution. The film's trailer can be watched here. The film also stars Dara Singh as the Police Commissioner, Tiku Talsania as Havaldar, Ishrat Ali as Inspector Shinde, and Bharat Kapoor as Lawyer. The music is composed by Anu Malik and Aadesh Shrivastava, while the lyrics are written by Dev Kohli and Rahat Indori.




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