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DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition Free Fix Download

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DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition Free Download


DX-Ball 2 is a 1998 brick buster game for Microsoft Windows, developed and published by Longbow Games. As a follow-up to the 1996 cult-classic DX-Ball by Michael P. Welch, the sequel introduced a number of improvements to the original game, including high-colour textured graphics, an original soundtrack by Eric "Sidewinder" Gieseke, multiple board-sets with distinct visual styles, and a hotseat multiplayer mode. On November 21, 2018, the game was re-released on Steam as DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition, commemorating the game's 20th anniversary, while also ensuring compatibility with more recent versions of Windows. The anniversary edition introduced high-definition graphics, widescreen gameplay with a selection of new widescreen board-sets, additional power-ups, online leaderboards, and a board-set editor for creating custom board-sets. Following the release of the anniversary edition on Steam, distribution of the original demo version of DX-Ball 2 via the Longbow Games website was discontinued, alongside sales of the game's original board pack expansions.

On August 23, 2018, Longbow Games announced DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition, an updated relaunch of DX-Ball 2 that would be coming to Steam during the fall.[17] The new edition of the game was released on November 21, 2018,[18] presented in a high-definition widescreen format, featuring new boards, online leaderboards, and a board-set editor to create and play custom board-sets.[19] With the release of the new Steam revision of the game, the legacy game download that was distributed via Longbow Games's own website has since been discontinued, alongside the sale of all board packs.[20]

The music in DX-Ball 2 was written by Eric Gieseke, also known as Sidewinder.[ii] The complete soundtrack contains 15 songs in a melodic euro-techno style, with various branches and influences ranging from hardcore, techno, breakbeat, jazz, house, and rock.[21] Initially, the game came bundled with only 4 tracks, encompassing three title screen songs and a high score theme. However, with the release of DX-Ball 2 version 1.2, support was added for in-game music. While this allowed for the three title screen songs to be played back in-game, a separate free Music Pack was simultaneously made available for download, adding 11 new songs to the game.[22][3] In time, the contents of the Music Pack were eventually incorporated into the game's demo installer, while the separate download was discontinued.[23]

In occasion of the release of DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition, Sidewinder also released an EP, DX-Ball 2 Sound Selection, featuring new recreated studio versions of the game's initial 4 tracks. Released on December 14, 2018, the EP was made available for streaming on YouTube, and for digital download on Bandcamp,[24] also marking Sidewinder's first official release in nearly twenty years, following the album 2BadSheep in 1999.[25]

DX-Ball 2 was met with an overall positive reception from both editors and players. Games Domain reviewer Zack Schiel praised it for addictive gameplay, and noted it as the "best-looking Breakout game ever made". However, he also noted that the "overall graphics [were] not up to today's retail standards".[1] Abandonware archive, Home of the Underdogs, stated: "DX-Ball 2 is one of the best Breakout games ever made",[26] while ZDNet rated the game 5/5 stars.[27] According to Longbow Games itself, DX-Ball 2 had accumulated more than 5 million downloads by the end of 2002.[28] The anniversary edition has been listed in The Gamer's list of Top 10 Games With The Best Anniversary Editions.[29]

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Originally, game soundtrack contained just 4 MOD tunes. Three of them are for title, and the Orbital Flower is for highscore. The rest were a part of an addition freely downloadable music pack by Gieseke himself, however, in later versions, including the 20th Anniversary one, those tracks are provided with the game itself. They play if you press F5 during the gameplay. Once the key is pressed, one of 14 tracks (excluding Orbital Flower) will be randomly selected and heard and will loop forever until either the level is finished or F5 is pressed again. Once such event is triggered, and the music is set to a condition to be played again, another track is randomly selected.

To play DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400. In terms of game file size, you will need at least 50 MB of free disk space available. Provided that you have at least an ATI Radeon 3000 graphics card you can play the game. DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition system requirements state that you will need at least 512 MB of RAM.

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