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Maverick Adams
Maverick Adams

Format Factory 5.0.1 Crack Download HERE ! HOT!

although format factory is a good and capable video converter, its interface is not simple enough. it's that's quite irritating. rather, it would be better if you could have a user-friendly graphic interface. moreover, given that formatfactory is not free, it is not exactly practical to pay for such a good video converter.

Format Factory 5.0.1 Crack Download HERE !

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if you need to change the video format of a large number of videos, format factory may become a time-consuming process. fortunately, there's an alternative to format factory for mac called xilisoft video converter, which is designed with a similar theme: high converting quality and friendly user interface.

xilisoft video converter for mac offers several advanced conversion functions, such as changing the video format, and converting video to mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mts, swf, 3gp, mkv, xvid, etc. besides, it also allows you to rip dvd from dvd disc to any video formats. as the best mac video converter for mac, xilisoft video converter only needs 15 to 20 minutes to convert one video on your mac. your video is ready for playback in dvd player!

when you need to cut down a video file size, format factory can play a key role. but it's not an ideal program to do so. just like xilisoft video converter for mac, which provides you some functions of video trimming as well. as xilisoft video converter for mac does, you can also remove any video segments, set length of video clip, or crop any video to exclude useless information.

how about converting videos to audio files? that's the other function of format factory. it allows you to extract audio from video files, separate audio track, or even make a new audio track from your video clips. now you have three options to choose from: over audio track, over video track, or create an audio track from video clips. or you can choose your favorite one.




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