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Vincent Henson
Vincent Henson

Surface 3 Keyboard Best Buy

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If you can hold out until later in the year, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday really are the best time to find amazing deals, especially on much-sought-after technology. These sales take place in late November, which is quite a wait, and there are no guarantees the deals then will be any better than they are now. Worse, you may find yourself unable to afford to splash out on new tech during the expensive holiday season.

One of the best Chromebook deals today is sure to delight anyone who can't decide between buying a tablet or a laptop. Over at Lenovo, you can buy the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 for $269 saving you $110 off the regular price of $379. If you're keen to keep costs down while still enjoying the laptop/tablet experience, read on while we explain more about what's so great about this system. It's easily one of the more tempting laptop deals for the budget-conscious.

Why you should buy the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3Lenovo makes some of the best Chromebooks around which makes a lot of sense given its reputation as one of the best laptop brands. In the case of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3, it's simple yet just what you need from a Chromebook. If you want something portable to take to class or something for your daily commute, it should suit those needs.

With a modest but important discount, this is the ideal chance to buy one of the best smartwatches for less. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is great thanks to its use of luxury materials, a super sharp screen, and an impressive 3-day battery life. The watch offers extensive GPS routing and navigation along with the ability to automatically track all your workouts, and more. If you're keen to be able to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and even your body composition all from your wrist, this is the watch for you.

If you've having trouble choosing between laptop deals and tablet deals for your next mobile device purchase, why not get the best of both worlds by going for the Microsoft Surface Pro 9? It's an even more attractive option because of Best Buy's $100 discount that makes it more affordable at $900 from $1,000, and every purchase comes with a free Surface Pro Signature keyboard that enables the transformation from tablet to laptop. The offer won't last forever, so take advantage of it as soon as you can.

Considering the Surface Go 3 ships with a two-year-old budget processor, it would be nice if the tablet also shipped with a keyboard and stylus. Unfortunately, Microsoft charges $99 for the Surface Type Cover and $99 for the Surface Pen. Neither of these accessories is worth that retail price. The Surface Type cover has stiff but responsive keys slapped onto a floppy tablet cover that does nothing to hold up the Surface Go 3 or protects it in any significant way.

Apple's second-generation MacBook Pros on Apple Silicon haven't made too many changes on the outside, but offer more performance and longer battery life. It retains the wide variety of ports, including HDMI and an SD card slot, that we loved last year, as well as a bright, vivid Mini-LED display.With an M2 Pro, the 14-inch MacBook Pro lasted over 14 hours on our batter test, showing off the efficiency Apple can achieve with its own silicon. Apple has also added a few new features, like Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3 and improved HDMI.While the design hasn't changed, that means you also get excellent speakers and a comfortable keyboard with full-size function keys. But it also means that there's still a notch in the display to hold the 1080p webcam, which some might find to be distracting.For those who need more graphics power, you may want to step up to the M2 Max, with up to 38 graphics cores. If you want more battery life, the 16-inch MacBook Pro has a larger battery (100 WHr vs the 14-incher MacBook Pro's 70 WHr), and endured for just shy of 19 hours on our test. If you simply prefer a bigger screen, the 16-inch MacBook Pro may also be for you, and you can get it with either an




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