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Maverick Adams
Maverick Adams

Don T Starve Buy

In 1996 a caller to the Howard Stern show claimed Lauryn Hill of The Fugees made anti-white statements during an MTV interview, to the effect of proclaiming she'd rather see her child starve than have a white kid buy her album. Circulated rumors about the inflammatory comment Hill supposedly made varied from telling to telling, including statements such as:

don t starve buy

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  • When asked on MTV about their feelings on having the number one album in the nation, The Fugees said they'd "rather see babies starve and die than have white kids" buy their album.

Goats as a species have a very fast rumen passage rate (11 to 15 hours). Whatever the goat eats, it must be palatable, easy to digest, and highly nutritious or the goat's digestive system won't have time to extract nutrients from it. Cattle can survive on dead grasses in poor pastures because their rumen passage rate is two-and-one-half to three days-- plenty of time to break out nutrients from poor-quality plant materials. Believing that goats can eat anything is 180* out of sync with reality. You can't "starve the profit" out of goats. i.e. cutting back on quality feed will do nothing but cause disaster. Properly-fed goats are healthy goats. 041b061a72




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