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Gregory Zhdanov
Gregory Zhdanov

TRUMPF TruTOPS Suite X86 __TOP__

27 5.11 supported operating systems note the operability of trutops products is only guaranteed for the versions, editions and service packs listed below. the installation of trutops products on non-listed and non-approved systems, as well as the installation of non-approved service packs on existing trutops installations, is at the user's own risk. table 3: key operating system_requirements windows vista (discontinued) 3 windows server windows windows 7 windows 8 and windows (also r2) 4 server 2012 (also r2) 4 service-pack sp 2 or higher sp 1 sp1 edition professional business enterprise ultimate professional ultimate enterprise pro enterprise pro enterprise standard enterprise enterprise datacenter sbsfehler! textmarke nicht definiert. 5 bit-version 32bit 64bit 32bit 64bit 64bit 32bit 64bit 64bit trutops client x x x x x x 6 6 x trutops server 6 6 6 6 6 6 x x x enhanced shop floor programming x x x x x trutops fab/monitor client x x x x x x trutops fab server o - x x trutops monitor server - x - x x x - x x job order interface x x x x x - x x x webcalculate x 4 x trutops cell client x x x x x trutops cell server x x x x x - x x x trutops calculate client x x x x x - x trutops calculate server x x x x x - - x x trutops unfold - x - x x tube design - o - x x supported operating systems standard datacenter foundation table 3 key x = installation possible and enabled o = installation possible but not enabled = installation possible but not recommended - = installation not possible in windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 the eht converter must be executed with administrator rights when started for the first time. framework server feature must be activated before installation in the server manager. installation on rodc is not possible. small business server 2008 and up to 3 clients max., due to performance problems. windows 8 is not supported. windows 8.1 as of trutops operating system system_requirements





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