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Gregory Zhdanov
Gregory Zhdanov

Werewolf By Night YIFY

In "El Retorno del Hombre-Lobo" (called "The Craving" in English), Paul Naschy returns as his most famous character, werewolf Waldemar Daninsky. This time, he gets executed along with alleged vampire Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Julia Saly). But, as always seems to happen in horror flicks, they both get resurrected and go on a rampage. Specifically, they get resurrected by hot students Erika, Karen and Barbara. In fact, Daninsky turns against Bathory. You can probably guess what happens from there.If you watch any of the DVDs of Paul Naschy's movies, the special features include an interview with him about his life. He talks some about growing up under Franco. One gets the feeling that he knew first-hand about horror, far more than a werewolf movie could portray. But no matter; this movie will surely please Naschy's fans.

Werewolf by Night YIFY

Paul Naschy's 1981 werewolf opus, NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF, is a glorious slice of Gothic mayhem. It feels like this was a real labour of love for the horror actor, who wrote and directed as well as taking the leading role; the entire film is full to the brim of the elements of classic horror fare, from the ruined castle locales to the graveyards, haunted woods and rotten skeletons. Then, of course, there's the fascination of seeing not one but two monstrous beasts wreaking carnage on the screen: Naschy's much-loved werebeast, Waldemar Daninsky, is up to his old tricks, while vampiric Countess Bathory is also back for good measure. It's a clear homage to those lovely monster mash-ups put out by Universal during the 1940s, so what's not to love?Not a lot, as it turns out. NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF is right up my street; it's a film that exudes Gothic menace, is packed full of spectral imagery, and tells an interesting story at the same time. Naschy makes the most of his relatively low budget and small cast, drawing out character in admittedly limited time and space; the storyline might be entirely predictable, but it's never less than engaging. The film, which I had the pleasure to see on Blu-ray, has sumptuous colours and looks beautiful on regular occasions.If I had any complaint, it would be that this film is an unacknowledged remake of the 1971 Naschy movie SHADOW OF THE WEREWOLF (aka WEREWOLF's SHADOW), right down to the inclusion of an undead zombie who seems to have wandered in from an Amando de Ossorio set. As is ever the case, the earlier film is the better one, but that doesn't stop NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF from being a great deal of fun, and a real treat for Naschy fans. One word of warning: this is noticeably less gruesome than his '70s efforts, which came as a surprise.

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