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Crack A Forum _BEST_

i can't seem to concentrate at work. i feel overly distracted and my work is suffering from it.i could really use a couple of days/nights in a row where i work really hard, straight through, and do nothing but pump cad and smoke rock.does this seem like a workable thing to do?you studio/grad school guys have probably done many an all-nighter...well, i'm about to set off on an all-weeker.crack rock...will you be my valentine?

Crack A Forum

Fergie is a recovering meth addict. And who wants something that's simple to make, like crack?blowbaking sodawaterWhen you can have something sophisticated like meth * 1 Case Regular Pint size Mason Jars ( Used for canning) * 2 Boxes Contact 12 hour time released tablets. * 3 Bottles of Heet. * 4 feet of surgical tubing. * 1 Bottle of Rubbing Alchohol. * 1 Gallon Muriatic Acid ( Used for cleaning concrete) * 1 Gallon of Coleman's Fuel * 1 Gallon of Aceton * 1 Pack of Coffee Filters * 1 Electric Skillet ( If you don't know what iam talking about i will have pics later) * 4 Bottles Iodine Tincture 2% (don't get the declorized it won't work) * 2 Bottles of Hydrogen peroxide * 3 20 0z Coke Bottles (Plastic type)(with Lids/caps) * 1 Can Red Devils Lye * 1 Pair of sharp scissors * 4 Boxes Book Matches (try to get the ones with brown/red striker pads) * 1 pyrodex baking dish * 1 Box execto razor blades single sided * 1 digital scale that reads grams * 2 gallons distilled water \ * 1 Roll Aluminum foil tape

So I ran into an ex-girlfriend of mine this morning at a coffee shop. We were getting caught up, and she told me she's a substance abuse councilor. I had to ask her about the crack vs. meth with architecture debate we had going on here. She said that meth is clearly the better choice for multiple reasons. First off, new meth addicts tend to clean a lot. She said its not uncommon for them to obsess over grout lines, which they tend to scrub with toothbrushes. So, she said, this leads her to believe there is obviously an improvement in work ethic with meth use. Then she said after a few months of the cleaning, they will get bored with it and convince themselves that their house is clean. That's when the redecorating occurs. She said just yesterday she was called out to a case where this girl has been using meth, and has started creating these theme rooms in her house. In her son's bedroom she had nailed tree branches from her backyard all over the walls. It was a jungle themed room. This lead her to believe that meth helps people design more creatively. And what better way to end up on HGTV than "bringing the outdoors in"...literally. So that's the substance abuse councilor's point of view on Architects using meth.

shit, back when i was a chef, i used to scrub grout lines with toothbrushes just to keep shit clean. not 'cuz i was high on meth.i think meth would be a bad choice in this instance, because you'd end up obsessing over the most tiny detail on some back page of the set, instead of focusing on the bigger picture.crack rock keeps you holistic.

fuck......i had a nice ex-girl get knocked up by an older guy...... and took her 2 months to tell me......meth/herion i think are the worst....and crack..... a good friend of mine got hooked on that crack shit and messed up his hip hop career....i'm sure the heads prolly know him if i mention his name...but.......i was always afraid of i never tried any thing...... had some jim beam when i was 15...but that was the end of that......sometimes you just have to slap a person to help them wake up.....b

rfuller- heroin is a maintenance drug, you get addicted because when the drug starts to leave the system you get physically sick, flu-like, aches, (William S. Burroughs called them Tangerian bone-grindings); so I think the reason your friend can sustain, for now, with his work is because he has enough money ($=drugs) and though heroin causes one to 'nod out' constantly, like a semi-conscious daydream/sleep-state, he probably has something to balance him out in order to get work done. everyone knows junkies have the best coke.and its not so obvious to those around him because he can operate on the drug, its only when he hasn't used in a day or two that he gets dope-sick and agitated.eventually he will run out of money, and for crack+studio: impossible. crackheads smoke and smoke until they can't smoke anymore...then they go get some more. crack should be called 'more' -"want to get some more?" you can't just pick up a 20-piece on the way to studio. unless you can lock the bathroom you're smoking in. and when you finally emerge from the depths of whatever mental/physical space you've hidden yourself, the last thing you're going to want to do is studio shit. obviously, the original thread topic was a joke, i fell for it.don't smoke crack.

Hello, is there a way to be able to read both your score and the other players score for a trivia crack? I am thinking of giving the developer for blind fold games an idea for a trivia game. If there is a way to read your scores though then I won't.

How you read the score depends on if you're referring to the original trivia crack or Kingdoms. In the original, you see the score next to the name of the other person while viewing your game list, as 2 numbers. The first is your score, and the second is your opponent. Also while on the game screen, if you flick you can see the crowns of each person, first yours past the button with your name, and then the crowns of the other person. They will be read out listing each of the categories.

As per Kemet, both Open Mode & Floating Electrode capacitor types can be used as flex crack mitigation solutions. They complement each other by providing customers two options for this (open) failure mode.image965547 125 KB

with today's update, the trivia crack app has restored its accessibility in the bottom dock, where chats, friends, ranking, menu, etc ... is located.I'll also update with olympic cards machine, the proper thread here on AppleVis.

When I asked him directly, he did recommend using a sleeve to contain the MBA rather than a hard shell case, even though Apple sells a hard shell case for the MBA in their store. I can guess that a hard shell case contains the heat otherwise dissipated through the aluminum exterior and that extra heat may contribute to the screen cracking.

I'm furious with Apple as well. I purchased my m1 macbook air in November 2021. No warnings in the packaging about how to avoid a cracked screen. And then 2 or 3 weeks ago, it happened. A spontaneous crack in the lower left part of my screen, with no apparent cause whatsoever, except for maybe the inherent design flaw in the macbook air.

The governor attended the Fort Kent forum on Tuesday, but LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett said he never had confirmed he would be at the Presque Isle forum or a planned forum in Houlton scheduled for Thursday.

I am using an i3 MK2S with generic PLA settings. I have never had a print that cracked like this. This is the first time I have printed this filament, and every print has this issue. It is NOT associated with where I take the print off the bed. You can see that the bottom right image is showing some other issues, so I am trying to print with the initial layer cooler (210). We will see if that helps.

The "cracks" in the corners are just marks from the print lifting it's corners from the bed. I'm 99% sure of it as I have experienced this with different parts. Sharp angled corners + taper increases the chance of the print lifting up.

I'm sorry but I'm not the OP. My first reply was under moderation and I think that is why my second reply made no sense. I was giving examples of poor bed adhesion that my generate "cracks" in the corners when they are actually a result of the corners lifting up during print.

I am a new user of Image J software. I wanted to do analysis for concrete microcracking (surface and internal). The specimen is 200mmx200mmx600mm, and after taking pictures to analyze, my supervisor suggested a method to draw cracks using a software on ipad. So I followed that method and obtained a manually drawn cracks. Then that image (crack map) was used for crack length and angle determination. I have been through a lot of discussions in this forum and everyone is analyzing the original images and not sketches. I hope that this method of sketching first and then analysis using image J is fine to proceed with the results. As there are a lot of experts here, any suggestions are welcome.

The measurement of width is left now and I am unable to understand how can I measure these three parameters i.e. angle, length and width together for a single crack. By the way, the specimen contains numerous microcracks.

Thanks Nicolas. Right now, I cannot take the images again because they are taken at different time intervals for examples 150 days, 200 days etc to check the progress of cracks. Since I have do to this again for the second part of this experiment, I will definately consider the image resolution.

From the picture it is hard to say what happened exactly to the device to show this type of cracking. It seems that the maximum soldering ratings are somehow exceeded or moisture was present in the devices.You may check whether the Humidity Indicator Card is showing moisture even if the moisture barrier bag was good. Moisture in the IC package can lead to pop corn effects during soldering.

Both of my coil covers (I'm bilateral) have cracked and both of my audio processor assemblies are about about a year old. I've replaced one coil cover and a week later it is starting to a show hairline crack across the center of it. How long are the coil covers suppose to last and why is it doing this?




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